Robertson Draw (Wildfire)

The Robertson Draw Fire started at approximately 2:17 P.M. on Sunday June 13th. Local fire departments and engines from the Custer Gallatin National Forest responded. By June 15th severe fire weather and behavior resulted in significant fire growth, as it grew from 2,000 acres to over 21,000.  Cooler weather occurred on subsequent days, including a 1/4″ rain on Sunday June 20th, which helped to moderate fire behavior. A Type 3 Incident Command team is currently overseeing the fire with Shawn Gettings in the role of Type 3 Incident Commander. The Robertson Draw fire is currently 29,841 acres, with approximately 85% containment. The fire area is in the midst of a warm/dry trend, and firefighters are remaining vigilant for changes in fire behavior and new fire starts due to the threat of thunderstorms and associated potential for strong, outflow winds. Resources are currently prioritizing an area on the western perimeter that recently increased in fire activity and handline in the…

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