Woods Creek Fire (Wildfire)

The Woods Creek Fire was discovered on Saturday, July 10 near Boulder Lakes in the Big Belt Mountains. Air attack was immediately launched to size up the fire. Upon arrival the initial size up was a half acre in sub alpine fir and lodgepole pine on the upper third of the ridge. Fire behavior was occasional tree torching and active ground fire. A Type 1 helicopter was ordered and proceeded to perform 20 bucket drops of 1,200 gallons a drop during the fuel cycle. The decision was made to fly in ground resources with a helicopter as the closest road access is approximately 5 miles. Upon arrival, the IC noticed that the fire had rolled off the cliff and trees were torching 300 feet below them, fire behavior was picking up around the fire, there were multiple spots, and there was a substantial amount of standing snags and high concentrations of ground fuel. The decision was made to pull resources off the fire due safety concerns and lack of available resources for

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