Shasta-Trinity July Lightning (Wildfire)

 A lightning storm passed over the Shasta-Trinity National Forest on July 28, 2021. Six positive downstrikes were recorded, two of which have resulted in fires. More fires may be detected as lightning is predicted to continue for the next several days. All detected fires, regardless of location, are being managed under full suppression strategies.  The two detected fires are the Rush Fire in the Trinity Alps, and the McFarland Fire south of Highway 36 near Wildwood (north of Beegum Campground.) July 30, 20217:50am:  Rush Fire is estimated at .6 acres and is lined. Smokejumpers are on scene; requesting more jumpers to help solidify containment.  McFarland Fire is estimated at 40-50 acres. It is currently 3% contained. Ground and air resources are on scene, with more on order for

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