Snake River Complex (Wildfire)

The Snake River Complex comprises of three wildfires that merged together. The Shovel Creek, Captain John Creek, and Hoover Ridge fires all started by lightning and were discovered the morning of July 7, 2021, on the Idaho Department of Lands Craig Mountain Forest Protective District. These fires are in steep terrain and approximately 20-miles south of Lewiston, Idaho just past the Waha area in the Craig Mountains. On July 10th at 6 a.m. the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 4, led by Incident Commander Rick Connell, took command of the three fires combining them into the Snake River Complex. After several days of downsizing personnel due to successful firefighting, on July 23rd, the incident was transferred to an Idaho Department of Lands Type 3 team, led by Incident Commander Jeremiah Miller. To continue effective operations, on July 28th, command transferred again to a Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry Type 3 Team led by Incident Commander Shawn

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