Rush Creek (Wildfire)

The Rush Creek Fire started at the confluence of Telephone and Rush Creeks, 14 miles southwest of Taylor Ranch (origin lat/long: 45 59 00 x 114 59 35). Crews are working on point protection after failed initial attack. On Wednesday, July 21, 11 members of the Alta Hotshots were flown out to work on setting up pumps and hoses and cutting back flammable vegetation for point protection at the University of Idaho research station at Taylor Ranch. They completed that work and were brought out by helicopter on Monday, July 26.There was no infrared overflight the night of Friday-Saturday, July 30-31, so there is no acreage update this morning. Yesterday afternoon, seventeen members of the Alta Hotshots finished cutting back flammable brush around the historic buildings at Thunder Mountain and were reassigned to the Sugar Cane Fire, a new start on Sugar Mountain about three miles north of

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