Yosemite Creek (Wildfire)

The Yosemite Creek Fire  is one of multiple fires burning in Yosemite National Park. These fires began as a result of thunderstorm and lightning activity that moved through the park beginning  in late June 2021. This fire is being managed based on its location, potential impacts, and other key factors. Many of the fires are burning in high elevation wilderness areas, ranging from 7,000 to 9,700 feet.The Yosemite Creek fire was discovered on July,27, 2021 at 1000 am. Cause is lightning and is 1.2 acres, located East of Yosemite Creek and North of Tioga Road at the 8100 foot elevation. This fire is being suppressed using confine and containment strategies. This fire may be visible from numerous vantage points throughout the park, including Tioga Road, Glacier Point, and other high-country viewpoints.Yosemite National Park is a fire-adapted ecosystem. The strategy for all fires is to provide for the safety of employees and the public and protect natural and cultural resources….

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