McCash Fire (Wildfire)

The McCash Fire started on 7/31/21 @ 7:11 pm.  The fire is located in timber with an understory of tall grass and brush.  It’s located near Ten Bear Mtn McCash Creek in an area with limited roads.  The nearest town is Orleans, CA (Siskiyou County). An aggressive, indirect attack,full suppression mode is being used to fight the fire. Potential threats include Ukonom Mt Lookout and microwave repeater, significant cultural sites for Karuk Tribe, structures on private parcels, aquatic fisheries and cold-water refugia for salmon, spotted owl, bald eagle habitat, highly-valued public timber and forest resources, agricultural crops, and area closures affecting deer hunting season in the fire area. Strategic objectives are to 1) keep fire South of Ukonom Creek; 2) keep fire West of Flems Creek; 3) keep fire North of Hell’s Meadow; 4) keep fire East of Cub Ridge system. Direct fire to Marble Mt Wilderness using temporarily opened roads to improve access. More information:FB:…

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