100 Years in Yellowstone – Then and Now


Number of Visitors

Early Yellowstone visitors at Handkerchief Pool (1923) National Park Service A crowd watches Old Faithful erupt on a summer afternoon. NPS Jacob W Frank 2020 1916 3.8 million
park visitors 35,849
park visitors

Train Stations

A stagecoach leaving the Gardiner train station headed to Yellowstone (1904) National Park Service 2020 1916 0
train stations at entrance towns 5
train stations, the closest being Gardiner and West Yellowstone

Cost of Hotel

The Old Faithful Inn in 1912 National Park Service Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn current day Grant Ordelheide 2020 1916 $229
for a standard hotel room in Old Faithful Inn $50
for an all-inclusive 5.25-day package that included lodging, meals and stagecoach tours

Park Roads

A car stuck on a muddy road in Yellowstone (1925) Photo: National Park Service Yellowstone’s East Entrance Road over Sylvan Pass current day NPS/Neal Herbert 2020 1916 310
miles of paved roads 0
miles of paved roads

Entrance Fees

Cars driving under the Roosevelt Arch at Yellowstone’s north entrance (1924)National Park Service Car driving under Roosevelt Arch in 2016NPS/Neal Herbert 2020 1916 $35
park entrance fee $5-10
park entrance fee, depending on the number of seats in your car

Park Rangers

A Yellowstone park ranger feeding a marmot in the 1930sNational Park Service Park Ranger Heather Basak at Palette Spring, current dayNPS/Jacob W Frank 2020 1916 738
park rangers ~25
park rangers

Park Lodges

Yellowstone’s Mammoth Hotel in 1913National Park Service Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, current dayJeff Vanuga 2020 1916 9
park lodges 8
park lodges

Number of Months Open to Visitors

Removing the snow with hand shovels on Swan Lake Flat (no date)National Park Service Snowplowing Madison to Old Faithful, current dayNPS/David Restivo 2020 1916 12
months open to park visitors 2.5
months open to park visitors (June 15-Sept. 1)

Number of National Park Sites

”Half Dome, Apple Orchard, Yosemite” Ansel Adams, April 1933 2016 1916 410
national park sites across the nation 30
national park sites across the nation

Number of Wolves in the Park

Yellowstone rangers with coyote pelts in 1927National Park Service 2020 1916 ~94
wolves in the park Darn-near 0
wolves in the park, according to park historian Lee Whittlesey

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