Scarface Fire (Wildfire)

On the evening of August 7, eight (8) firefighters were flown out to the fire which was estimated to be three to six acres in size.  Due to night fall and the steep rugged terrain firefighters began initial attack first thing the morning on August 8.  A cold front that day produced sustained windspeeds of 30-40 mph on the fire, which increased fire activity resulting in the fire growing to approximately 250 acres.  Helicopters were unable to fly and drop water on the fire due to the winds.  Additionally, due to safety concerns which included numerous snags and very active fire behavior, the firefighters disengaged from the fire.  Following the cold front event, two (2) Type 1 crews (20 people) and a Type I helicopter have been assigned to the fire.  Crews are beginning by working to secure the Middle Fork corridor, and then will move to complete containment lines around the fire perimeter.  The helicopter will make water drops on the fire to help slow the spread of the fire…

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