French Fire (Wildfire)

Please note the mapping function in Inciweb is not showing the French Fire in the correct location.  The French Fire is located along the Main Salmon at the mouth of French Creek approximately 10 mile east of Riggins.  It is currently 200 acres and continuing to spread up canyon to the east and south.  The main Salmon River Road is closed east of the Manning Crevice Bridge and east of the French Creek drainage.  The French Creek – Burgdorf road is closed to prevent people from entering the fire area near the “fingers” switchbacks – The road is open for access to Burgdorf Hot Springs.  Idaho County Sheriff Deputies will be working with rafters to move people coming off the river from the Vinegar Creek takeout.  No area closures are in effect a this time, but may be necessary in the near future.Firefighters have had limited success with our aerial fleet due to the amount of smoke in the canyon that is limiting visibility.  We have 3 crews, 16 jumpers, 4 engines, and 2 fire…

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