Which Yellowstone Hotel or Cabin Should I Choose in the Summer?


Should you stay in a historic hotel near Old Faithful, or a cabin closer to wildlife and the Lamar Valley? Follow this guide to find out.

Which park location and conveniences do you prefer?

Historic Near Geysers and Hot Springs
Historic Near Wildlife
Contemporary Accommodations Near Geysers and Hot Springs
Contemporary Accommodations Near Wildlife
I’m Traveling with a Pet

Note that COVID-19 has impacted the opening of hotels, restaurants and cabins in Yellowstone since 2020. Please check with Yellowstone National Park Lodges for up-to-date information on openings and closures for summer 2021.

1. Historic Near Geysers and Hot Springs

Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Inn in YellowstoneDeposit Photos

Built in 1903-04, the Old Faithful Inn is arguably Yellowstone’s most iconic hotel. It’s certainly the hotel that garners the most reservation requests every year. It’s a National Historic Landmark and the world’s largest log cabin structure. Its lobby was designed to create a sense of community and you will literally find people from all over the world, gathering here, swapping stories and listening to the live music in the lobby.

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Old Faithful Lodge Cabins

Old Faithful Lodge Cabin. NPS Diane Renkin

Built during the 1920s, the Old Faithful Lodge Cabins offer great access to the iconic Old Faithful geyser. Just a couple minute away, you’ll find Old Faithful. Old Faithful Lodge Cabins should not be confused with its older neighbor, the Old Faithful Inn. There are log cabins behind the one-story lodge that features large logs and stone pillars, a coffee shop, gift shop and a cafeteria-style food court.

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Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.NPS Jody Lyle
Mammoth Hot Springs Cabins in Yellowstone. NPS Diane Renkin

Stay at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins and you can take a several-minute walk to get Mammoth Hot Springs, the peculiar terraced hot springs that you can explore via boardwalk. Located near the North Entrance of the park near Gardiner, Mont., and built in 1936, this grand hotel finished a major renovation to hotel rooms and public spaces in 2019. It offers hotel rooms with private bathrooms. There are also cabins with or without bathrooms and a hot tub cabin that features an 6-person outdoor hot tub. Get a drink and listen to a live pianist at the end of the day in the newly remodeled Map Room, which features a striking historic wooden map of the United States made from 15 different kinds of wood from nine countries.

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2. Historic Near Wildlife

Roosevelt Lodge Cabins

Cabins at the Roosevelt Lodge. NPS David Restivo

At Roosevelt Lodge Cabins, you are a short drive from the wildlife mecca of the Lamar Valley. Choose between two types of cabins to spend the night. All cabins are a short stroll to Roosevelt Lodge, one of the most charming and intimate restaurants in the park. Just to be clear, the lodge itself is a restaurant, not a hotel.

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Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins

The Lake Hotel in Yellowstone with a retro-looking tour bus out front. NPS Neal Herbert
Cabins at Lake Yellowstone Hotel. NPS David Restivo

While many think Old Faithful Inn is the oldest in the park, they are incorrect. Built in 1891, Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins wins the prize. Located near the shores of Yellowstone Lake and Hayden Valley, known for its wildlife, this beautiful hotel underwent a $28.5 million renovation in 2014.

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Lake Lodge Cabins

Cabin building at Yellowstone’s Lake Lodge. NPS David Restivo

Located near the shores of Yellowstone Lake, the Lake Lodge Cabins’ lodge is a charming shingle and log-hewn building with large porch with rocking chairs. Inside are two fireplaces, one with leather couches and chairs around it. Choose among 186 cabins, many built in the 1920s, and some that look like 1960s-era structures, that come with a variety of amenities.

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3. Contemporary Accommodations Near Geysers and Hot Springs

Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins

Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Summer. NPS
Cabins at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. NPS Josh McRae

Built in 1999, this lodge is the newest kid in the park, in terms of being the latest full-service lodge to spring up in the park. It’s located near the legendary Old Faithful Geyser and offers a full-service dining room, quick-service Geyser Grill and a gift store.

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Grant Village

Bear Lodge in Yellowstone’s Grant Village, newly renovated in 2016. Photo courtesy of Xanterra

Closest to Grand Teton National Park, which lies south of Yellowstone, Grant Village was built in 1984 and is in the West Thumb area of Yellowstone. It has six two-story lodges with 50 rooms each. There’s the Lake House Restaurant right on the lake with large windows looking right out onto the lake. And there’s a full-service restaurant that also offers views of the lake.

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4. Contemporary Accommodations Near Wildlife

Canyon Lodge & Cabins

Exterior of Washburn Lodge, part of the Canyon Lodges in Yellowstone. Photo courtesy of Yellowstone National Park Lodges
A cabin at Canyon in Yellowstone. NPS David Restivo

Located on the park’s east side near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, the Canyon Lodge & Cabins is the biggest lodging property in Yellowstone. It also underwent a two-year lodging redevelopment that included the construction of five new lodges and 400 guest rooms.

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5. I’m Traveling with a Pet

All cabins rentals inside Yellowstone National Park allow pets with a fee.

Old Faithful Lodge Cabins

Mammoth Hot Springs Cabins

Roosevelt Lodge Cabins

Lake Yellowstone Cabins

Lake Lodge Cabins

Old Faithful Snow Lodge Cabins

Canyon Cabins

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