David Canyon RX – Sandia RD (Prescribed Fire)


The primary objective of this burn is hazard fuel reduction.  Fuel loadings are light to moderate and ladder fuels are minimal due to thinning operations that have taken place or will take place prior to burning.  Objectives will be easily achieved using a standard strip head ignition pattern, and a locally typical burn organization with two levels of supervision consisting of a Type 2 Burn Boss supervising a Firing Boss and a Holding Boss.   Potential safety hazards are typical and easily mitigated and addressed in briefings.  Light to moderate overnight smoke impacts to local residences are expected, with short periods of moderate to heavy impacts during ignition.  These impacts will be mitigated by burning on days with good or better ventilation when possible, by monitoring smoke impacts and varying the amount and pattern of ignition as necessary.   Private residences are adjacent to the burn units, but are located in areas of mixed fuels comprised of ponderosa pine with…

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