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Do you know where to park to ensure you don’t miss Old Faithful erupting in Yellowstone National Park? Or where the moose in Grand Teton National Park loiter? Or why Yellowstone is still home to all the mammals that lived there 200 years ago?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s really worth climbing into a safari-style vehicle with EcoTour Adventures, a locally owned Jackson, Wyo., company. Founded in 2008, it offers insider tours of both Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Choose from a half-day, full-day or private multi-day tour to experience the best of either park. The company offer tours year-round in Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. In addition to wildlife adventures, it offers snowshoe and cross country ski tours in the winter in Grand Teton and winter and summer-specific multi-day programs in Yellowstone.

A bear cub waves to watchers on an EcoTour Adventures tripPhoto by Taylor Phillips of EcoTour Adventures

EcoTour Adventures was the brainchild of Taylor Phillips who spent years working for other guiding companies in the Jackson Hole area before founding EcoTour Adventures. Hiring guides with strong natural science backgrounds, he aims to connect visitors with the natural world and the two gorgeous national parks nearby.

“My job is so rewarding because I have the pleasure of introducing our guests to this incredible ecosystem,” Phillips says. “Our guests might only have a day or two to experience the parks. It’s our job to provide the best experience possible and to connect them to this incredible place we call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.”

And did we mention the company has a carbon neutral footprint? It partners with a carbon fund that plants trees to offset EcoTour Adventures’ carbon output. It also avoids creating excess trash. When you sip hot drinks or cold drinks during your tour, it’ll be in a reusable mug. And you’ll use silverware and cloth napkins during snack time.

Ride Safari-Style in Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Use the roof hatch to get a grand perspectiveEcoTour Adventures

There are few better ways to see both parks than in one of EcoTour Adventures’ safari vehicles that offer window seats for everyone and a roof hatch that allows you to stand up inside the vehicle and take unobstructed photos. A bonus? Each window, including ones on the back, opens, allowing for photo opportunities no matter where you are sitting.

While there are opportunities to stretch your legs, take photos outside of the vehicle and do short walks, you won’t be doing any extensive hiking on the half-day or full-day tours. When there are animals in the distance, your guide will set up a spotting scope for you to look through to see the animal up-close.

Wildlife watchers using a spotting scope at a safe distance in Grand Teton National Park (Photo: EcoTour Adventures)

Leaving the driving to Ecotour Adventures’ professional guides means you can skip the hassles of navigating a huge national park and trying to find parking in your own car. Plus, you’ll learn more about the park from your guide, discover its wildlife hotspots and see the top-rated sights. There’s a maximum group size of 7, so you’ll never feel like a number.

“All our guides have natural science backgrounds and they’re also in the national parks daily, so they know where the wildlife are,” says Katie Rose, program manager for EcoTour Adventures. “They know how to navigate the crowds and parking lots and how to maximize every moment in the park.”

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