Adrian Fire (Wildfire)


The Adrian Fire started on Friday, April 1st up on the mesa top southeast of Sweetwater, it has burned down into a canyon making it difficult for ground resources to put in mechanical fire line. Texas A&M Forest Service (TAMFS) had arrived on scene around 15:30 and has been working in unified command with local responders. Aviation resources were used extensively to slow forward progression and reduce heat on the flanks by dropping retardant via Large Air Tanker (LAT) and Very Large Air Tanker (VLAT). Additionally a type 1 helicopter was used to make water drops on hot spots along the flanks.The wildfire itself grew to an estimated 150 acres in size, however, in an attempted to strengthen and improve fire line as well as areas that equipment had difficulty getting to, several controlled burnout operations took place to remove unburnt fuel between the wildfire and the containment lines. This took place after dark and increased size to an estimated 700 acres.Because of high to moderate…

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