Mormon Row Historic District


Mormon Row Historic District

When you drive north out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to the west of you, rising from the valley floor is the Teton mountain range.  Sharp and majestic, it is a magnificent site of nature.  To the east is a flat sagebrush cover area known as Antelope Flats.  Its not very pretty or majestic, but to a group of Mormon Homesteaders in the early 1900’s, it was home.  This is their story.

In 1896 they came from Rockland Idaho in covered wagons and a few animals to build a life in the shadow of the Grand Teton.  Little did they know that they were building in what would become a National Park and an icon to landscape photographers from around the world.  Its hard to go into any photo gallery anywhere and not find a picture of a Moulton barn among the collection of photos to hang on your wall.  James I May, TA or John Moulton and any other of the homesteaders were just trying to survive and raise their families.  They worked to hard looking at the dirt to see the value of the view of the sun setting over the Grand every evening.

Many photos have been taken of the old barns on the row.  Lots of weddings have taken place in front of them to bring in the rich history and beauty of the times.  Many have come and spent a few days photographing, walking around and even sleeping in the area.  Few have lived, worked and can call it home.

Mormon Barn (North)
The North Barn

Trail Difficulty – Easy

The location is easy to access (except in the winter) and only a 100 yards from the parking area. After a hard rain, the dirt road is can be very muddy and sometimes impassable.



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GPS Coordinates & Elevation

43°39’59.15″N 110°39’50.00″W | 6,653ft Elevation