Trail Description & Highlights This challenging and rugged trail has views that only improve the higher you go. The distance is short, but the trail gains elevation quickly through tricky rock and scree, making this a more strenuous undertaking than it might appear initially. After passing the historical buildings of Lees Fort and the nearby mining debris, follow the wide dirt road over flat terrain upriver. Keep an eye out for the sunken wreck of a paddle boat and more mining relics. The exposed and shadeless Spencer Trail branches off to the left (northeast) leaving the river and starting to ascend through the hills. Alternately traverse exposed cliffs, thread through boulders and climb sandy stone steps to gain precious elevation. After another set of steeper, sustained switchbacks, you reach the plateau. Spend some time exploring at the top to experience all the following views: Page, Paria River, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, Echo Peaks, Vermilion Cliffs, Navajo Mountain, Lee’s Ferry. Historical notes: this trail was named after Charles Spencer who was in charge of the gold mining operations here. He built the Spencer Trail to transport coal to the mine from Utah.