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While heading to dinner, on the single track road we have been driving for a few days now; I got a little distracted trying to hide my disappointment of not making it to Dunvegan Castle where I had planned to propose to Jen (Plan B, will be to propose tomorrow). When coming up to The Fairy Bridge a few cars are coming my way, and instead of looking in the rear view mirror, I put it in reverse and didn’t noticed the vehicle rapidly coming up behind me….boom we had a fender bender. Who fault is it really, the person backing up or the person not paying attention to the car with the reverse lights on?

My rear bumper
Damage to the other car

The couple I collided with was awful talkative in their langue about 1000 dollars, or 42,585.59 Uruguayan Pesos. I guess they waived the insurance and were going to have to shell out some money. I didn’t wave it and it only cost me $100 pounds when I turn the vehicle in. 

Lessons learned, before more careful on a single track road. Always look in the rear view mirror if you have to backup. And don’t waive the insurance.


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