Isle of Harris Distillery

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Isle of Harris Distillery is such a gem. They have an amazing story, and it really is in my opinion a great place to come, enjoy Gin and really get to know Island life. 

Connection is everything, and you quickly come to learn this when you go on their Distillery tour. Despite the many scattered villages the communities are close-knit, bound together by a love of this special place, traditions, history, language and culture as well as the confines of our shared geography. Everybody knows their neighbour and no-one is shy to lend a hand or shoulder to lean on when needed.

So when you visit Isle of Harris Distillery you always receive a genuine Outer Hebridean welcome!

The burning peat fire, lit daily in the heart of the distillery, symbolises this deep sense of warmth and hospitality.

The pace of life is a little different in the Isle of Harris…they are immersed in nature, with all its elemental wind, waves and wide skies, a rollercoaster for the senses found among mountain, moor and machair.

Jen and I really enjoyed our tour, it ended up being a really special day at the distillery as we were treated to some live music right in the middle of our tour. It was awesome.

Sandra is simply amazing; she really makes you feel like family when you visit.
This cask belongs to HRH Prince Charles

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