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The community was so named for the “scenic” setting of the town site.
We passed Scenic as we made our way to the south entrance to the Badland’s National Park, Scenic is now considered to be a ghost town. The town was purchased in 2011 by a church in the Philippines for about $800,000. A number of the buildings are still standing, including the Longhorn Saloon, the outdoor iron jail, and an old church that has been converted into a trading post. About 50 miles southeast of Rapid City, at the intersection of Hwy 44 and Bombing Range Rd/Main St. Surprisingly, the town of Scenic, South Dakota is anything but and is currently in a state of ruin and disarray. Currently, the town sits abandoned and empty, as if it is waiting for nature to completely wipe it off the map, which may just make it the most abandoned town in South Dakota. Well Saydie and I are off to the Badland’s National Park, so long Scenic.

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