Best Camping Cots For Two People


7 Best Camping Cots For Two People/Couples

Do you want home-like comfort during camping? Who doesn’t? Most of us want to spend precious time outdoors but also want to feel at home.

Camping means staying in a tent which can sometimes cause pains, aches, and frustrations. The experience in the tent at night can be horrible if a proper sleeping setup cannot be chosen.

Spending the night at a tent without any proper sleeping setup, we can feel stiff, itchy for ground temperatures, uninvited insects, and rocky camping ground.

But, don’t worry! There is a solution for this as well. If you want to enjoy a night full of stars with your life partner, then you can go for the best camping cots for two. Our recommended cots will be enough for two, easily handled and carried, not so expensive, and most probably worthwhile.

So, why wait? Let’s go through the whole article as we come with some best camping cots for couples and their ins and outs. We can assure you that our top picks of 2021 will not disappoint you at any cost.

7 Best Camping Cots For Two People in 2021:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy

Kamp-Rite Double Kwik-Cot4.6/5

Teton Sports Outfitters XXL Camping Cot4.8/5

Disc-O-Bed Large Camping Cot4.9/5

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Coleman Queen Airbed Camping Cot4.8/5

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Coleman ComfortSmart Cot4.5/5

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Benchable Camping Cot4.4/5

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Kamp-Rite Tent Cot with Rain Fly4.2/5

1. Kamp-Rite Double Kwik-Cot


Kamp-Rite is one of the best camping cots for two adults. It can regulate all the basic things correctly as it is firm and comfortable. The construction of this cot is strong and stagnant because the weight of the sleeping camp is distributed over nine legs.

The capacious storage space is well developed. But it has a support bar under the center of the bed which can be uncomfortable for you. So, it’s better to put on an air mattress for covering it to get a peaceful sleep.

Camping Mattress-free means there are no more things to catch around as it has the best quality features. There is no battery and pumping system. The pitching camps are so quick and easy as well.

Instead of the mattress, this sleeper is supported by dense canvas. It is strong and does not swing. This particular cot contains rugged building power and the most effective part is that it is made of polyester.

If you are prone to turning and tossing at the night, you will be happy to know that this Kamp-Rite Double Kwik-Cot is free from squawks and squeaks. Moreover, it has easier to set up and experienced campers always prefer this cot.


It is firm and strong
It is sound free
It is light for easy care


Mattress less

2. Teton Sports Outfitters XXL Camping Cot


Another attractive and comfortable camping cot is the Teton Sports Outfitters cot and you can use it without any hesitation. For those who mostly hate the double bed of medium bar, Teton Sports Outfitters will be the perfect taste for such people.

Its characteristic of a one-piece 600D of Oxford peak construction with a huge surface area is very effective. You can be easily scattered and also relax when sharing your bed with your partner. This fact of this cot has enlisted it in the list of best camping cots for two.

The fabric is very soft and you can also fold it with a mattress or foams for extra comfort. Moreover, this cot comes with a pivot arm which makes it easy for the campers to set up.

Consequently, you can find that you do not have to struggle when setting up yourself. The S-leg steel of this cot provides durability and support. It can also work by absorbing the push.

These 19-inch advanced designs are important especially for those people who are bored by the rocky and unequal surface of most grounds of camping. The structure of portable can easily be folded for caring. When packed down, it only weighs 20 pounds which is less than the standard weight.

Furthermore, the surface is much larger than those two standard beds and it can support easily up to 600 lbs. The space is perfect just for the two adults. It has a lifetime warranty which is attractive to most people.

This cot is huge. The sleeping portion on the bed is wide and couples can easily sleep on it.

With the help of Teton pads, it is almost as easy to get two mattresses in a tent as you can. The Teton pads are comfortable and the length portion is so amazing.

Not a cheap investment, but you will definitely get a comfy and durable cot.


It has a stable and strong design
Includes a warranty of lifetime
It is easy to set up because of the pivot arm


Steel bars are fastened
Feet are built of light rubber

3. Disc-O-Bed Large Camping Cot

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Now you can get something unique by ordering this particular cot! We always want a single system that can use in a variety of ways. By ordering this product, you will get a system of turning beds, a system of double beds, and also a bench.

After using this cot you can feel that it is more comfortable and even more than just a double camp bed. However, there is a specific system that can attract you the most as you can use two parts separate at the same time even in a different place.

This is a bit costly but we can assure you that it is value for money as the cost contains the high quality as well as modernized features. There is no such thing as remote. This camping cot is comfortable for all.

If you sleep on this product, you can definitely feel that the cot is as comfortable as a soft relation bed. During camping, you can get some pepper at night due to the draft under the cot.

So when you will pack, keep some extra blankets for use under this sleeping cot. But this product perfectly fits inside.


It is wider than the standard beds
It is longer than the standard beds
Round frames do not damage the floor or sinking to the ground
Includes organizers for access to the gear for the easiness
It has no hinges, no fingers of pinch even not any middle bar in the back of yours.


It is build up with heavy metals pieces
The texture is hard enough and thus it is a little difficult to be fit in it

4. Coleman Queen Airbed Camping Cot

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This thick air mattress from Coleman gives the comfort of an indoor bed even it is used for outdoor purposes. It is affordable in price and very much comfortable for two people.

The 150cm wide bed is perfect for two people and its 9 legs give enough support. It has the capacity to carry 227 kg and it also includes 2 side tables with cup holders. The electric pump is also given to this particular product which produces a better experience and easy use of the process to the users.

It is portable, travel-friendly, foldable, and adjustable as per someone’s comfort level. It can be aerated by mouth, pump. Airbeds are coast-friendly for those who cannot afford the traditional foam mattress mainly for students, working couples.

It provides the need for an extra bed with the same comfort. Users will be beneficial as cot and mattress can be used separately which makes it a place in this ‘best camping cots for two list.

It is easier to carry everywhere and can be considered as the best suitable for tents. It can be folded up like an umbrella and also has wheels.


It gives maximum comfort.
It is long-lasting.
The Capacity of this product is great.


A little heavy in weight.

5. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot


Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is a modified piece or a new version of the same brand which is more beneficial as well as attractive to the users. Even, the pump construction is different here.

It is a very wide air mattress and the most attractive part is that people with a height of 6 ft. easily fit into it. Two children can also easily fit into it.

It has a carrying capacity of 227kg. Besides, it includes 2 side tables with cup holders. It has an integrated built-in pump. It can be the first choice for the users as such a thick mattress gives you enough comfort as it can build in pump work with batteries that will be ready in only 3min.

This product fits into its strong carry bag that helps to carry it everywhere. It is a double-size cot that is useful for two people. Generally, big tents are needed to fit this air bed. It can be said that you can complete your sleep properly by using this cot.

Besides, you can assure yourself about buying this particular product without any hesitation as it is non-breakable and strongly constructed. The most attractive part is that this particular product is made by the specific pump of volt air along with the strongest steel frames.

Another vital part is its warranty of 1 year and of course the brand name i.e. “Coleman”.


It is easy to setup.
It is very comfortable.
Highly affordable.


This particular cot is heavy.
Non-removable pad cover creates difficulties in using it.

6. Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Benchable Camping Cot

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Who doesn’t want to enjoy the comfort of Kid-O-Bunk camping cots? This can be easily converted into the bunk. Each bed has a capacity of weight around 200 lbs, which is enough for an average for the kids.

This is the best camping cot for the kids. This camping cot is limited in the context of the age group. As a specific age group of approx. 7 – 12 years can use it without any hesitation and can be shared by two or more kids.

Another plus point is that it doesn’t include any medium bars which can cause discomfort to kids while sleeping. The fabric is high category polyester that is quite soft and very comfortable.

Moreover, the frame is made of steel which is coated with powder and rust-resistant. That way you can be sure that your bed will be last for a long time. Also, the bunk or turning bed is easy to be set up. No tools or bolts are needed for this.

Your kids will surely fall asleep in a few minutes of its comfy nature. It is easy to store and carry. It comes with two zippers bags and two organizers, one for each bunk. Two mesh pockets are organized by the organizers.

All their electronics and necessity can be easily stored by them. Lastly, it is also available in varieties of adorable colors which add a very fun element to the experience of your kids during camping.

It is also a very strong camping cot as it is made up of good quality fabric. So, if you are looking for the best camping cot for your kids, look no further than Kid-O-Bunk.


Includes two organizers for easy storage
Quick and easy set up
Small and light to make it easy to carry
Transformation into a cot or bunk
The frame is of stainless steel


A bit heavy

7. Kamp-Rite Tent Cot with Rain Fly


Air beds are known as air mattresses. Instated of filling with foam or any core materials they are filled with air. The total weight of this double bed is 25 pounds and the weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Measurements of the cot are 28 inches in the width and 85 inches in the length. An integrated fly helpful addition when unexpected rainfall comes. When it is stretched, the measures 85*40*28 inches, and thus, if you want to go on a camping trip or short trip in an area where it may not be possible to pitch a tent.

The double bed is very much comfortable with an attached fly which acts like a smaller tent. The bed is made of electrically coated steel. It has zippers that are corrosion-resistant.

The body is made of heavy nylon, windows and the mesh doors mean ready to deal with fly material if it is grey and drizzly or sunny and hot. You can also separate this tent from the bed, if necessary. You can use it both individually.

It is best at that time when maximum people are camping. For storing and transporting a bed, you will get a convenient carrying bag when needed. For your back and other essentials, you will get a storage net also under the bed. The tent bed is properly perfect for that little place to sleep while camping.

It is made of good quality materials. Mainly, you can be thankful as it is a weatherproof tent it is a complete solution. You can also pitch it any time and enjoy the bug-free night. Thanks to the windows and mesh doors.


You can use it at any camp – mud forest, smoky hills, and go to the rocky beaches and pebbles beaches.
It is easy to install.


Not very comfortable.

Best Camping Cots For Two People: A Buyer’s Guide

When it is coming up to buy double camping cots, there are several features that you should need to remember. Else you will end up with a useless camping cot that may not fulfill your requirements. Those features mainly are –

Available Space

One of the main reasons for consideration is the space available for two people. It should be spacious and long enough to keep the bot room.

Capacity of Weight

Each bed comes rated for the maximum weight it can be held. Your commodity should be able to support both of your weight and the higher the number is better.

Weight of Cot

This is a tricky part and you should choose the cot only according to your requirement. In most cases, you will get strong & powerful frames and fabrics but it will increase the weight of the cot.

On the other hand, regular frames and fabrics weigh less but are not very durable. So, you have to make a trade here for one or the other.

Easy to Set Up

Another important aspect is that whether the cot is easy to set up or not. The air mattress is involved with a simple and normal setup relatively where you just need to associate any pump and then you can keep it normally.

As opposite to, a folding bed is very much quicker for set up but more work you have to. It depends on you which one you can choose.


Whenever you go camping, you are forced to move from one place to another place. Thus, you should need a camp bed that is too easy to move. Make sure, that the bed you have chosen is foldable and small.

Most double beds come with a carrying suit. For such flexibility, you can carry this product anywhere without any hesitation and can feel the comfort of the best camping cots for two.

Wrapping up!

You can be a happy camper by considering some little things during the night spent at the tent. A worthy cot can drive away your nightmares by offering you a romantic night and a swift and restful sleep.

You will feel comfy, cozy at home if you choose the best camping cots for two.

We hope that this guide is helpful for you to choose the best camping cots. If you want a cot that will be a bargain model or ultra-light or for heavy-duty options, we cover every type of cot for you!

However, if you are still confused about choosing one, we can suggest the best two from the list. The first one is the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot as it is lightweight, durable, and affordable.

The second one is the Coleman Queen Airbed as it is long-lasting and gives maximum comfort.

FAQs: Clear Your Doubts in a jiffy!

Is a camping cot worth it?

Camping cots keep you cozy and comfortable in every type of weather and it doesn’t obstruct the airflow which ensures an improved circulation. So, it is more significant than any other option.

Do you require any sleeping pad or pillow with the cot?

If you do not use a sleeping pad, then the circulation of cold air under the cost makes you feel colder. So, a sleeping pad is of utmost necessity.

Can you utilize cots in the tent?

Why not! It gives several benefits like comfort, airflow, and protection from insects. However, you should ensure that any damage is not happened in the cot by placing something between the tent ground and the cot’s feet.

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