Best Camping Cots For Good Night’s Sleep

Camping experience depends on the gears you carry. No matter where your campsite is located, the right gear not only helps you to survive but enjoy at the same time.

A camping cot is a necessity for recreational campsites. Carrying a camp cot in places with high altitudes may not be possible but on a summer camp or on a weekend trip to national parks, a foldable camp bed is a must.

Nobody deserves to sleep uncomfortably on the ground and wake up with a backache or body ache. Carrying a foldable metal frame that unfolds into a cozy sleeping stand requires zero hassle to set up. One of the popular sleeping options at camp is inflatable sleeping pads.

They only need to be inflated with air to be set up, which is quite bothersome and provides minimal elevation. Your inflated bed can easily turn flat encountering any sharp object that can cause a leak.

Why camping cots are a better option than inflatable beds


Even the sturdiest fabric can incur puncture leading to slow deflation of your camp bed. This may occur if the valve of your mattress is not closed properly or other problems like an air leak can flatten your bed. This however is not the case with camping cots.


Camping cots are loaded with additional features, pockets, drink holders & attached tables. They bring an extra layer of comfort. Few other camping cots have the ability to adjoin to a backpacking tent.


The quality of sleep over inflatable mattresses can start to decrease after a few uses. Whereas, a camping cot can be used on a regular basis without the fear of any damages.

No bottoming out

The air inside your inflatable sleeping mattress is not equally compartmentalized. When you lie down flat on your sleeping gear the heavier portions of your body like the hip, come in direct contact with the ground.

The air remains pushed to the side.

No need to inflate

There are self-inflating options for inflatable mattresses. But without self-inflation, it becomes a hassle.

There are a lot of camp cot options you will get both online & offline but which one to go for? Every cot is different and keeping that in mind we have enlisted the 10 best camping cots.

You can choose the best camping cot according to your needs with the help of our buyer’s guide at the bottom. So that your next camping journey is comfy & pain-free.

10 Best Camping Cots in 2021:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy

Coleman 80×32 Pack-Away Camping Cot4.8/5

KingCamp Ultralight Oversized Sleeping Cot4.7/5

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Byer of Maine Extra Large Easy Cot4.5/5

Check Price Here

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot4.5/5

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot4.8/5

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EARTH Ultimate Extra Strong Military Style Folding Camp Cot4.4/5

Coleman Trailhead II Cot4.3/5

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REDCAMP Heavy Duty Folding Camping Co4.6/5

ARAER Camping Cot4.2/5

Alpcour Folding Camping Cot4.3/5

Check Price Here

1. Coleman 80×32 Pack-Away Camping Cot


We are starting off our list with the most recognizable brand there is when it comes to camping gear. The Coleman Pack-Away cot is a state-of-the-art addition to any camp setup.

Designed to look stylistically modern and offers features that are unique from other camping cots. It includes a foldable side table to hold your lamplight, book, or beverage. The area of this cot is 32 inches making it quite spacious and has a weight capacity of around 300 pounds.

Any individual with a max height of 6 feet and 6 inches can relax comfortably within the dimensions of the platform. Its foldable framework enables it to fit conveniently within the confines of your car.

You can also adjust it as a temporary recliner chair to enjoy the outdoor environment. And it is definitely one of the best camping cot on this list.

Key Features:

Adjustable 80 x 32 sleeping area with a foldable design.
Steel framework with high durability as strong as 300 pounds.
Optional side table with beverage holder.


Fits in your car easily.
The side table is great for personal belongings.
Plenty of space to spread your legs and relax.


The design has not been FDA approved.
Does not take an individual’s postural issues into account.

2. KingCamp Ultralight Oversized Sleeping Cot

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This 75×25 inch platform is oversized for your absolute convenience and can support up to 265 pounds. It has an elevation of 5 inches off the ground so you don’t need to worry about catching a midnight cold.

With dimensions as compact as 14” x 5.1” x 5.1” this ultra-light cot weighs only 4.9 lbs when fully folded. This awesome space-saving sleeping cot can be stored virtually anywhere and can be transported with minimal effort.

The bedding framework comprises of anti-rust aerial aluminum alloy which is covered in 420D polyester fabric. This highly breathable material is tear-proof and can support a load as heavy as 120kg.

Irrespective of its size, it is a comfortable sleeping bed that is super easy to assemble and was awarded the ADI CompassoD’oro International Award.

Key Features:

Dimension of packed size is 14” x 5.1” x 5.1”.
420D Polyester supported by anti-rust aerial aluminum alloy.
5” elevation off the ground.


Ultra-light and ultra-portable when fully packed.
Can be easily stored in your backpack.
Awarded for its convenience and quality.


Your back might feel well protected over an uneven surface.

3. Byer of Maine Extra Large Easy Cot

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If you are in the market looking for a heavy-duty easy-to-use cot well under 100$ then consider the Byer of Maine Extra Large Cot. Its 78” x 31” x 18 dimensions give the tallest of users enough space to sleep in any position that suits them without being restricted by end rails.

It only takes a minute to set up and is an excellent spare item to keep around the holidays. Its 600 Denier Polyester material makes it immensely durable while giving it a stylish but comfortable look that catches your attention.

Welded steel legs on its framework can uphold weight as heavy as 325 lbs and ensures that its base doesn’t sink into the frame. You won’t feel a hint of the cold metal framing as they are wrapped in fabric.

Key Features:

Extra-large 78” x 31” x 18”dimensions.
600 Denier Polyester fabric offers excellent durability.
Welded Steel framework.
Sidebars are draped in cot material.


Can support a maximum weight of 325 lbs.
Highly spacious surface.
You won’t feel the chill of the metal against your skin.
Superbly affordable.


Cot might feel saggy and become difficult manage sleeping position.

4. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot


As you already know by now that Coleman bears a mark of a camper’s trust and each one of their gears is of standard high quality, especially Coleman tents.

ComfortSmart Cot is a fairly unique sleeper space since it is quite rare to see a sleeping cot that includes an attached mattress. You can rest your back over its 25.59 x 5.51 x 37.4 inch surface and feel as comfortable as you would be at home.

The weight of the sewn-in mattress doesn’t however weigh you down much either although taking it on hiking or backpacking is probably non-advisable. This cot has the durability to withstand 300 lbs of weight.

You can easily fold it up and place it inside your car. It has 6’.6” inches of elevated height so you don’t have to worry about backaches while you’re napping.

Key Features:

The mattress and coil system make it extra durable and comfy.
You enjoy 30 inches of width which is more than your average cot.
The foldable cot can be fit into your car with ease.


Includes pre-attached padding.
Sturdy and long-lasting.


Heavy enough to be a drag if you have to lug it around.

5. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

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The already oversized cots keep getting larger and larger. Now, we have the XXL Sports Outfitter Camping Cot from a similarly well-known brand like Coleman.

Teton presents us with their range of contemporarily manufactured sleep set-ups which are intelligently designed and super easy to set up. It features an all-new pivot arm setup mechanism where you can lock in the corners and have it ready in no time.

Its S-shaped legs are made of reinforced steel which is great for stability as it strengthens the overall structure. Its extra-extra-large surface area is bigger than a twin bed and can take up 600 lbs of pressure.

When you fold up the cot, it only weighs 26 lbs. Overall, it is one of the best camping cots available.

Key Features:

Oxford cot material is tightly pulled into the frame.
Easy set up with built-in pivot arm.
Unique S-leg design makes the cot even sturdier.


Extremely spacious and comfortable for group camps.
Can be easily set up within minutes.


Assembling would take some habituation at first.

6. EARTH Ultimate Extra Strong Military Style Folding Camp Cot


When you keep adding “extras” behind any type of equipment, it is bound to end up being used by the very best. This is why the Earth Ultimate Camping Cot is an all-rounder in everything extra.

Stability, storage, convenience, and comfort – this military-grade camping cot has it all. It has a strong and durable anodized aluminum frame with specially designed stabilizer bars on all four sides.

It is pretty simple to use, just open it up and set it, lock it in within 2 minutes. There is an attached side table with two large cup holders. The fabric covering the complete cot consists of heavy-duty polyester and aircraft-quality aluminum.

Additional features include two other side storage pockets, padded armrests, and a full-length footrest. So, if you are looking for a durable camping cot, this is the one!

Key Features:

Expanded size; 80” x 29” x 20” inches and folded size 40” x 8” x 5”.
Weight is as light as 15.2 pounds.
Anodized aluminum frame with four stabilizers.
Heavy-duty Polyester fabric.


Military grade cot set up.
Long-lasting and efficient.
Lightweight and easy to set up.
Quite affordable.


Moderately sized camping cot.

7. Coleman Trailhead II Cot

Check Price On Amazon


Yet another Coleman! It’s no surprise that Coleman would have a sleeping cot with budget users in mind. The Trailhead 2 has a simpler yet reliable design.

It has a rugged militarily designed framework that can be folded as an ‘X’ and is supported by steel crossbars and heavy-duty polyester. It can easily hold up 300 lbs of pressure which are evenly standard but assures good resistance.

Given its length of 75 inches, it might be difficult for taller people to feel comfortable on it. The upside is that you can fold it up easily and will fit into any space above 40 inches.

It is your standard cot that stands out in the durability test but may fall behind when it comes to transportability. Overall, it is a budget-friendly camping cot from a reputed brand.

Key Features:

Dimensions are 73” x 35” x 17” inches.
Sturdy crossbar support.
Weighs only 20 lbs.
Standard durability.


Easy to open and set up given it’s X shaped folding design.
Military class sturdiness and reliability.
Constructed with heavy-duty components like Polyester and Steel.


Lacks any extra features.

8. REDCAMP Heavy Duty Folding Camping Cot


One last sturdy traveling companion to conclude our list with is the REDCAMP Heavy Duty Folding Cot. It may not be as heavy as a steel-framed cot but is just as reliable.

Although the REDCAMP is available in various size versions, its 33-inch variant is best recommended due to its shoulder support. Even though it weighs only under 16 lbs it can support as much as 500 lbs as ensured by its elliptical aluminum tube framework.

Its 600D oxford fabric gives the cot extra durability. The REDCAMP’s best defining feature is its portability, as it can be easily collapsed and snuck into a carry bag.

Key Features:

Measuring 75” x 28” x 15” inches.
Thick sleeping cot bed.
Weighs as light as 15 lbs.


Extremely simple and easy to use design.
Sturdy and reliable framework.
Affordable and available in various size variants.


framework may be bendy under exceeding pressure.

9. ARAER Camping Cot


The Araer camping cot is best suited for heavy people. 25mm steel tubes arranged in a triangle structure provide extra strength & stability.

This heavy-duty frame increases the weight capacity of the outdoor bed. The top part of the bed features 600D oxford fabric which is breathable. It helps you remain sweat-free & comfortable at all times.

One end of this camp bed is slightly elevated, so you might skip using a pillow. Arear is long & spacious enough to accommodate 6’8’’ tall people.

Key features:

Weighs only 15.8lbs.
It can support weight up to 450lbs.
Cot dimensions are 42 x 10.5 x 6.8 inches.


Easy to set up, unfolds in seconds.
It also has an attached storage bag.
Unique triangle structure & concave-convex symmetry design.


No leg locking mechanism for frames.
The packed size is too big for backpacking.

10. Alpcour Folding Camping Cot

Check Price On Amazon


The last cot on our list of the best camping cots is from Alpcour. It is specially designed for maximum comfort. Frames are made of steel tubes for secure sleep. It has a unique lock design to secure the frames.

600D polyester fabric ensures the durability & quality of the sleeping gear. The water-resistant cot will keep your sleeping station dry if there is any accidental spillage.

The quick setup process saves time & leaves no room for frustration.

Key features:

A portable cot that weighs only 13lbs.
Can support up to 300 lbs.
Loaded with accessories such as side pocket & pillow.
Slightly inclined to offer you better sleep.


Added padded pillow for resting neck.
40” x 8” x 5” carry bag for carrying when packed.
1 year-long warranty.


The nylon made carry bag is poor in quality.
It makes noises every time you toss & turn.

Best Camping Cots: A Buyer’s Guide

Take a look at the different factors of camping cots, so that you purchase the best possible camp cot according to your needs.


Camping cots are used inside tents. It is not necessary to mention what happens if your camp bed is longer or bigger in size. To avoid that disaster make sure to check the dimensions of both cots and then choose your tent accordingly.

You cannot compromise with your cot size. It should perfectly fit your body & height. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of buying & carrying a camp cot.


Like any other camp gear, it is essential for your camp cot to be lightweight. You don’t need to kill your shoulders carrying a heavy metal frame.

But the question is, are lightweight camping cots durable?

Aluminum maid cot frames are lighter and would be just suitable for you if you have a smaller stature. If you are opting for a larger size, a cot frame made from sturdier material would be required for better support.

Light-weight but easy-to-carry options are generally costly but worth every penny.

Ease of Setup

A well-designed cot will save you precious time. If it takes unnecessary time to set up then your experience with camp cots would become frustrating.

That’s why choosing a well-designed cot that requires simple steps & minimum efforts to set up is a blessing. Poorly designed cots can easily break while assembling or disassembling.

Cots that carry vague setup instructions can also cause trouble.

Packed Sizes

It is important to keep in mind that you have to carry your camping cot to your campsite. The size that it acquires after folding will determines its portability.

Ensure that your packed-down cot size fits your car or carrying vehicle.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity depends on the cot material and the build. Steel frames provide a higher weight capacity. If you exceed the weight capacity of your cot it might bend or break.

In the case of a two-person cot be aware of the ballpark of people sleeping on the cot.


The most common fabrics for cots are polyester & nylon but they differ in quality. Quality fabrics are more durable but costly. When it comes to cot frames, steel & aluminum are the most used.

Aluminum is lighter than steel & less dense. So it comes with the risk of bending. Whereas, the steel frame is doubly dense & sturdier. The only trade-off to steel frame beds is that they are heavy.

You have to make a discrete choice between strength & portability. But, if you increase your budget you will find durable options that are highly portable.


Why would you settle for a basic sleeping platform when you can get much more? Camp cots that provide extra amenities are a boon for campers.

Depending on your needs, investing in a versatile cot can be very beneficial. Extra storage space, cup holders & attached tables make your outdoor experience easy & organized.

Some cots can also be adjusted like a tent. They serve a dual purpose. A cot tent hybrid can work as your primary camp shelter & sleeping bed at the same time. But, if you have to accommodate a cot inside your tent then stick to simpler ones.


Your camping cot experience will depend on the money you are spending on it. Factors like weight, ease of use, sturdiness & most importantly comfort, are directly proportional to the amount you invest.

A quality cot can last longer and there would be no need to invest in another one. On the other hand, a low-quality cot will be heavier & way more complicated to handle.

Also, you have to compromise with comfort & longevity.


Camping cots or inflatable sleeping pads? Which is best while camping?

While inflatable mattresses are affordable & easy to carry around as compared to camp cots. But, they also have few setbacks such as the tendency to leak & bottoming out.

Camp cots have their own pros & cons too. Camping beds are sturdy versatile with zero chances of leak & bottoming out. But they cost more than inflated sleep mattresses & are a bit difficult to carry around without a vehicle.

Now which one to choose for camping? Where inflatable mattresses are ideal for backpackers, camping cots would be more suitable for leisure camping.

Are camp cots harmful to tent floors?

Camping cots can harm your tent floor. They are very much capable of it but they don’t have to. Campers keep the feet of their camp cots to protect their tent floor.

You can use thick carpeting or anything that will protect your tent flooring. Some people use DIY bottle-made covers for cot legs.

Where to sleep inside your tent?

You can place your camp cot anywhere inside your tent. But if you’re camping in a cold environment keep the camp bed away from the door.

And while camping in hot & humid conditions, keep your cot right across your tent door or at least by the windows for better ventilation & cooling.


No more sleeping on the ground. Get an elevated platform to sleep comfortably while being outdoors. Pack yours now!

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