Best Shower Tents For Camping


10 Best Shower Tents For Camping: Solution To All Your Hygenic Problems 

Camping has become one of the quintessential outdoor activities one can bank on for some relaxation. People around the world are choosing hiking and camping over other travel options.

Everyone is waiting to spend quality time with their family, friends & loved ones. To create memories that are going to last forever in their heart. Camping is fun but equally challenging.

The most significant challenge that everyone faces while camping is the chance to take a proper shower or change clothing. Only a few campgrounds have toilets.

If you are camping in a remote location then the question of toilets does not arise at all. Whilst, attending nature’s call in the middle of nowhere has its own dangers. Nothing is more important than personal hygiene.

A convenient solution to such problems is portable folding toilet spaces & shower rooms. Purchasing a shower tent will serve multiple functions at the same time. You can even carry one to your next beach trip at minimum cost to your luggage space.

It will protect you from prying eyes while you are taking care of basic needs.

The Camping industry is booming, several brands are making a mark with their best of products. We have introduced brands that have produced the best shower tents for camping and enlisted them below.

Read on & pick your perfect pick according to your needs.

10 Best Shower Tents For Camping:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent4.7/5

KingCamp Shower Tent4.8/5

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Qdreclod Shower Tent4.1/5

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Clean Waste Portable Privacy Tent4.5/5

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Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter4.9/5

Alvantor Shower Tent4.4/5

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent4.3/5

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Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower4.5/5

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WolfWise Pop-Up Privacy Shower Tent3.9/5

Your Choice Oversized 6.89FT Pop Up Privacy Tent3.8/5

1. Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent


Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent Changing Room arranges proper privacy while camping. As a changing room, a bathroom, or a toilet, these shower tents are the perfect tool of convenience.

Its pop-open feature can be set up trouble-free in no time. There is a hook where you can hang a light or a fan. In two hanging pockets, your toilet essentials and phone can be placed. There is a zippered window for proper air circulation.

While someone is taking a shower, the shadow cannot be seen from the outside due to the well-layered nylon & polyester fabric.

Key Features:

Weighing 13pounds (5.5kg), it is easily portable.
The setup tent expands to 55” W x 55” D x 86.5” H area.
It occupies 25” x 7” x 7” area when folded flat.


Mesh window on one side of the tent wall.
The steel frame can hold up to a 5-gallon shower bag.


Does not have a bottom attached.

2. KingCamp Shower Tent

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Great and useful concepts are used to manufacture the King Camp Shower Tent. It is extremely waterproof with a mesh floor to pass the water. The inside rope helps with hanging a towel or any wet cloth set to dry.

There are pockets with two compartments inside and outside the tent. In the outside pocket, one can place the essentials which are sensitive to moisture prior to their shower.

Through the zippered window, the essentials in the outside pocket get handy. In the two hooks inside, a light and water bag can be placed.

Key features

This product weighs 12.5lbs (5.7kg).
It measures 85” x 66” x 66” when set up properly with all provided accessories.
It takes 23.6” x 6.5” space when folded.
Plenty of compartments helps you stay organized with your toiletries.


Durable polyester is highly breathable.
The spacious shower tent has multiple compartments.


Fails to withstand a bad weather day.

3. Qdreclod Shower Tent

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This shower tent’s fabric is 210D Polyester taffeta. The silver-plated fabric protects from ultraviolet rays and is tear-resistant. The anti-voyeur feature maintains proper privacy. No shadow is visible from the outside.

This sturdy tent consists of a top and a rear window for proper ventilation. The rear window has two zippered layers. There is a rope set outside near the rear window.

While taking a shower, one can keep the dress hung in that rope to avoid any coincidence. There is a large enough waterproof pocket along with a small one inside the tent.

Key features

It can fit within the 7” x 26.7” x 7.8” carry bag with all its accessories.
This easy-to-setup changing cum bathroom provides a 94.48” x 62.99” x 62.99” area.
This 20kg Shower tent is spacious enough to help you feel comfortable while inside.


Iron made poles are long-lasting.
A removable PE base can be used according to the need.


Not the sturdiest option.

4. Clean Waste Portable Privacy Tent

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For those who are looking for proper privacy inside the tent, this clean waste Portable Privacy Tent is a perfect choice. No additional accessory is required to set it as a convenient one even for a 6.5ft tall person.

It has three mesh windows from different sides to keep it well-ventilated and resilient against heavy wind. It has a 4” x 4” floor-less base. As a bathroom, mobile toilet, or a changing room along the sea beach, you can consider this as a convenient option.

It is perfect for hiking or ice fishing. This great waterproof and easy-to-carry product has become a favorite amongst campers and hikers for its dual utility!

Key Features

Snap poles & hinges for quick-deploy pitching.
64” zippered door for privacy.
Double-layer design to avoid shadows.


Quick set up & quick take down process.
The tent has three screened windows.


No removable floor to protect your feet while showering.

5. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter


Ozark Trail Shelter is perfect for perfection lovers. Camping never ceases to get messy when the changing room and bathroom are separated. It weighs 20.15 pounds altogether.

A single person needs less than 5 minutes to set up this temporary shower shelter quickly and easily. The solar bag provided protects the tent from heavy wind. The mesh floor and bottom circumference help to drain the water.

Ample pockets are accessible to place toiletries. You have a dedicated rod to hang your towel & clothing when you are getting ready to cool off.

To maintain proper ventilation; there are two windows on either side in the shower area. In the changing cubicle, the foldable zippered door maintains ventilation.

Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best shower tents for camping on this list.

Key Features

Unique two-room design.
Includes a floor to keep bugs & dirt out.
The floor automatically drains out water.
Includes a shower rack & toilet essential holder.


Removable rain-fly allows you to stay dry while changing or using the toilet.
Comes with a 5-gallon solar shower.


The two room design makes the tent heavier than other pop-up shower tents.

6. Alvantor Shower Tent


The Alvantor Shower Tent comes with Teflon Coating Fabric and stands at 4”x4”x7”. It is truly a pop-up tent, set up within the blink of an eye. Its patented folding technique makes it user-friendly.

4 sandbags, 4 guy lines, and 8 metal stakes keep it sturdy enough against the strongest wind! Designed 7 feet tall to comfort the long bones and make it easier to use it conveniently.

This lightweight shower tent option is waterproof, tear-proof, and grease-proof, all while protecting from 99% UVA and UVB rays with Teflon licensed fabric protector. Wide and durable fiberglass pole material is sturdy and rust-free.

So, once purchased, it will remain for the long run.

Key Features:

Waterproof, sun & dirt resistant.
Great headspace & zipper door maintains ventilation.
Ultra-lightweight weighs only 7.4lbs.


The mesh roof allows great ventilation inside it.
There is a hook to hang cloth and a pouch to keep essentials inside.
Packed with multiple necessary features.


Not the affordable option.

7. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

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Setting up the Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent is as easy as packing it down. This 15.2pounds dome-shaped, green-colored privacy tent has a dimension of 61 x 80.7 x 61 inches.

Sturdy steel, 190T polyester material, telescopic poles & compression hub comes inbuilt with the tent set-up. The floor can be used or fixed in the tent wall based on need. There are windows on the roof. A rope is available inside.

It keeps the towel and required items dry & handy. The precluded pouch is important to keep essentials. It has a large dual-zippered D-shaped door. This portable toilet or shower house is useful in monsoon with its 800mm PU coat.

The carry bag that comes pre-included is larger than the requirement to pack it folded more easily.

Key Features

It covers 25.8 square feet of area.
A 6.75” tall shower tent can easily be used by tall people.
Light speed shower tent weighs only 13.02lbs.


Campers get plenty of head space while showering or changing.
It takes less than a minute to install.


Not capable of maintaining a hanging shower bag.

8. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

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Texsport Instant Privacy Shelter is camper-friendly with polyurethane-coated Taffeta walls, and removable rip-stop polyethylene floor. The mesh shower rack inside has three sections to keep toiletries, phones, and other necessary stuff.

The two opposite-facing windows and mesh rooftop provide proper ventilation. It has a removable towel holder outside the tent to keep the towel dry. Has the capacity to hold a 5-gallon camp shower!

While taking a shower, water can pass effortlessly from all four sides. Rust-proof steel materials make it durable enough. The rain-fly allows skylight.

Key Features

It provides an 87” H x 4.6” x 4.6” area to use for changing, taking showers, or attending nature’s call.
Two no-see-um-mesh zipper windows & panels.
Durable & rust-proof tent poles.


Removable rain-fly allows you to stay dry while it is raining outside.
Hold up to a 5-gallon solar shower.


It takes longer to set up than other available options in the market.

9. WolfWise Pop-Up Privacy Shower Tent


Wolfwise Pop-up Privacy Tent looks trendy with an easy setup and packing system! The rain cover is removable & allows the skylight to reach inside the tent through the mesh rooftop.

There are two zippered windows along with a zippered door to provide 360-degree ventilation. It comes with an inside pocket, and a rope to hang towels and clothes while taking shower or changing.

The waterproof polyester fabric is UF50+ with a silver coating to absorb sunlight. The bottom mat is optional to use. It is not easy to break with rust-free steel material.

Key Features:

A green-colored stylish-looking tent weighs 4.4.
It measures 47.2”w x 47. 2L x 74.8” H.
It can be folded into 23.2” L x 23.2” W x 1.4” H.
This tall tent has a clothesline & side pocket.


Instant set up design is highly suitable for tall campers.
Durable fabric is resistant to water & UV rays.


 It cannot hold a solar shower.

10. Your Choice Oversized 6.89FT Pop Up Privacy Tent


Your Choice Privacy Tent is user-friendly with 4-5 color options. It can be set up within a few seconds. The 4 wind ropes, 4 sandbags, and 8 stakes make it strong and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It is useful for changing, taking shower, or for toilet purposes. Two opposite-facing windows along with the one on the roof-top make it sturdy and wind-friendly.

The 190D polyester fabric material protects you from UV rays as well as from wet weather.

There are two hangers for towels and clothes along with two storage pockets. A shower rose lock is available too.

Key Features

It weighs 8.6lbs.
Measures 47.2” W x 47. 2 L x 82.6” H when set up and 26” L x 26” W x 1.5” H when folded.
Silver interior lining soaks up sunlight.


Bright light will not allow people to see through.
A Zipped roof window allows sunlight.
Two windows on each wall-side keep the tent inside well ventilated.


It is a “no floor” design.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Shower Tents For Camping

A good shower tent involves multiple qualities & features. We have mentioned the most important ones in this review. All mentioned shower tents are undoubtedly unique and have exceptional features.

Though, each of them has its strengths & drawbacks. Therefore it becomes baffling sometimes when it comes to choosing one.

To ease your confusion we have prepared a detailed guide to help you understand your needs. It will help you choose your perfect pick effortlessly.


The performance & durability of a shower tent depends on the material they are made of. Before you make up your mind make sure your tent material features UV resistance, water resistance & tear-free. Pole material is as important as the fabric.

If the tent poles are not sturdy enough then they will not last long. Steel & fiberglass are the most resilient structuring materials used for crafting tent poles.

The fabric materials widely used are polyester & nylon. Even so, there are different grades so be sure that the one you are buying is of superior quality.


The reason behind the invention of shower tents was to allow campers some privacy while taking care of individual chores like bathing, changing, peeing in a portable toilet, or taking a dump.

It is a necessity to do all these things away from the public eye to promote healthy sanitation and practice. The tent design must make you feel comfortable and ensure safety while you are in there.

Opaque materials are most favorable as shower tent fabric. Because there is no point in using a shower tent if it does not guarantee you seclusion.

Ease of Setup

Sometimes you have to move from one campsite to another. Especially, if you have planned an entire week to spend camping outdoors. On your journey, if you have to put up a fight with your shower tent that can delay your journey.

Getting left behind by your fellow campmates or missing a sunrise or a sunset can be upsetting. An ideal shower tent should not take more than a couple of minutes to set up.

And it should not take more than one person to pitch single-handedly. So, check the description thoroughly before you place an order.


You might wonder why ventilation is a factor to consider when buying a shower tent. Tents can get steamy due to the body heat getting accumulated inside. If the steam stays contained then the tent will become hot &odor some.

It will be hard to get rid of the smell. This is why you expect a window with a zip closing mechanism in your shower tent.

Removable Floors

Some of the shower tents come with a floor design that is removable. The removable floor design helps in keeping the shower tent clean at all times. All these floor options usually come with zipper closure.

With a removable floor, you come out of the shower with clean feet. Then remove the floor in the morning while you need to urinate or excrete.

Made from waterproof or water-resistant material, a removable floor bottom is a feature that you should not compromise with.


One thing that determines every purchase is the cost of the product. Every individual has their own budget depending on their income & requirement.

Similarly, every seller has a fixed price. You pay whichever price is comfortable for you. Every product on our list ensures you get value for money.


Portability is one fixed quality that we look for in every camping product. Camping includes traveling from one location to another so you have to carry every camp gear around.

Lighter the gear is easier to carry around. One other factor that determines portability is the size of the tent and its storage.

Shower tents that come with compact storage bags are light & easy to carry. Tents enlisted here are all designed to be portable.

Hooks & Shelves

While changing or taking a bath, you will definitely need to hang clothes safely. Shelves organize other toiletries to keep them handy.

Before you make a choice go through the specifications and be sure whether your tents come with all these accessories or not.

Towel Hangers

Towel hangers are the next important accessory for shower tents after hooks & shelves. They are better if placed outside, it will help the towel to dry up quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shower tent?

While camping you need a place where you can change into your dry clothes. Walking into your tent with wet clothes on will not be a great idea.

You also need to bathe and unwind while taking a shower. That’s why you need a shower tent. Shower tents are made from waterproof materials and come with a strong structure.

How to set up a shower tent?

Setting up a shower tent is quite similar to any other regular camping tent. Even though there is a difference in the process you can read that in the user manual.

So grab your glasses and give them a read (never mind if you don’t have glasses).

How to collapse a shower tent?

There is no right way of folding a tent. Every tent is uniquely made and so is their mechanism, even though they look similar. The instructions given by your tentmakers are the only right thing to do.

The next time you have to fold down your shower tent simply follow the instruction manual that came along with your shower tent.

How to maintain a shower tent?

Folding down a used but unclean tent can lead to molds formation. You better clean them periodically.

Before you pitch down your shower tent to store it, make sure it is dry.

Final Thoughts

A shower tent ensures that privacy, safety, and convenience while taking a shower or changing out of wet clothes while in the outdoors. It is one of the most important camp essentials.

We have gathered & reviewed the best shower camping tents for you, your portable solution for campground privacy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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