Top Rated Camping Destinations in 2017


The most interesting as well as adventurous part of traveling is camping. Your camping site can be somewhere in the middle of the forest or by the river or any other place as per your interest. So here are the top rated camping sites in the past year that will blow your mind and won’t even hurt your pocket.


This part of New Zealand is everything like what you see in the movies and dream of. The place has weather conditions suitable for camping throughout the year. The two major advantages of camping in New Zealand are the beautiful scenery and hiking facilities along with the beaches. The country also has the highest Bungee jumping zones that act as a key attractant for adventure sports lovers.


This area remains camouflaged in the forests of Sweden because of the way it is built. This hotel has been designed by the country’s top architects and is made of glass and as a result, it gets hard to distinguish it from the regular forest environment. The cabins are also designed in unusual but fun ways as some of them are shaped as bird’s nest while the others as a spaceship or wings of a dragonfly. The forest is covered with pine trees and in the time period between September and March, the sky is covered by northern lights which further make it look like a fairy-tale.

Sal Salis

This place in Australia is claimed to be equivalent to paradise by many. Sal Salis is a protected camping site in the middle of the Cape Range National Park. The place also provides a view of Ningaloo coral reef. This place is absolutely natural and is far away from the technological world as it’s still dependent on renewable energy sources. Another major thing is that the area receives no phone signals so when you are here it’s bye-bye internet for you. The place has white sand and crystal clear water with the night sky filled with stars.


This area of Switzerland has been named so because of the amount of snow it is covered in throughout the year. The site here is as beautiful in the sun as it is in the snow. For camping purposes, 15 igloos have been built off-site so as to enjoy the nature with all the facilities of a five-star hotel. Along with comfortable atmosphere, there are also many outdoor sports and activities available for enthusiasts like trekking, paragliding, pony rides, skiing, dog sleds etc.


Miyajima is a small island in Japan near Hiroshima. You can set your tent right besides the lake or you can also hire a houseboat cabin if you wish to stay in the waters. In both the ways this mini island is a perfect place for camping. The key attractions of this island are the numerous temples that are built on it. Also one can find many different varieties of deer here.

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