Twitter Suspended My Account for “Impersonating Myself?


So, I logged into my twitter account the other day, only to discover that my twitter account had been suspended. I got no email explaining the suspension and when I went to appeal I get the following reply.

So, I sent them a photocopy of my US Government Passport and a few minutes later they reply again with this moronic reply. How does one prove who they say they are if they won’t say what content is posted that they are actually basing their determination on. Is it simply we made a mistake but don’t want to admit we made a mistake, and we will keep it suspended for a period of time and then just as quietly as we suspended the account, we will un-suspend it. How does one impersonate themselves and then not be able to prove who they say there are? Especially if when you submit a photo ID that has an image that matches the twitter account user profile and other photos posted?

I am really starting to believe that people internally to Twitter are intentionally trying to tank the company they work for. I have once again filed an appeal, providing a alternate government issued ID hopefully this will resolve the issue for them. 



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