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If beaches aren’t one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Scotland, wait until you see Luskentyre Beach in person. This secluded & expansive beach is popular for its white sand, clear water & mountain views. This wild, remote beach stretches for over 3 miles from the enormous sand dunes of the Banks to the long sand spit of Corran Seilebost.

At high tide the estuary is almost entirely covered by water, but as it recedes it reveals a glittery white sand expanse, which sets off the unusually strong turquoise of the sea here, lovely against the glowering purply black mountains of Harris behind.

You won’t find many people here but the bird life is teeming with long-tailed ducks, eiders and red breasted mergansers, oystercatchers, and northern and red throated divers.

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