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The Glen Mhor Hotel, was literally a last minute change from our original reservation. We had been booking our hotels via and as a result of this, we ended up earning a free night. I looked at our original reservation and decided I wanted something a little more central and along the River Ness and this Hotel was perfect. The room we booked was so perfect containing two rooms, a sitting room and a bedroom, with this beautiful window that looked out over the River Ness.

Occupying a row of converted Victorian houses along the River Ness, this cosy hotel is a 5-minute walk from Inverness Castle and a 14-minute walk from Inverness rail station.

Located in the lovely area of Inverness City Center, Glen Mhor Hotel enjoys a commanding position in the sightseeing, culture hub of Inverness.

Nicky Tam’s the Whisky and Wine Bar that is located at the Hotel is a truly special place for drinks to be enjoyed in effortless comfort. Complemented by an exquisite whisky selection.

Opulent and beautiful, the Whisky and Wine bar is the perfect place for couples and friends to enjoy a memorable drink before or after dinner.

A cosy and decadent setting, even on a crisp winter’s day and in summer, the bar is the perfect place to socialise with friends and colleagues long into the night.

I am was really pleased with this find. Jen and I were extremely happy about the location, and being able to get out and walk pretty much every where we wanted to go.


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