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This post is really more about COVID-19 and my impressions of how COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions were handled by Mt. Rushmore Resort & Lodge at Palmer Gulch.
Since Saydie and I have been camping for pretty much the last two weeks, we have seen how COVID-19 guidelines have been implemented at other places, such as Zion National Park or the KOA in Monument Valley.
However, at Palmer Gulch KOA this was another thing all together. Their website has a use red notice at the top about COVID-19 restrictions. And while prior to us arriving they did send us an email with instructions of only 1 person coming in to check-in, and they had hand sanitizer at the front entrance, the rest of the resort seems to be a real shit show.
The place was packed, and in the part of the resort where most of the RV are placed those things were literally on-top of each other. And you could tell that many of the RV owners were in large groups, or if not together day one, after a few days there was a lot of mingling.
Some of the things that were open or offered during our stay that are open from September 7th until they close on October 1st are KOA store, mini golf, UTV rentals, golf cart rentals, car rentals, fishing pond, playgrounds, pool, camper kitchen, group meeting facilities, and basketball/volleyball.
The part that most disturbed me about our stay were the restrooms, they were FILTHY! The only time I saw them look nice was at 5 a.m. one morning, the rest of the time, with the amount of people there, unless you took a shower at 5 a.m. you could be walking into a COVID-19 shit show.
There website has this message…
We will do our part to provide social distancing at check-in and throughout your stay. We will clean and disinfect meticulously. With your efforts and ours, you should experience a safe, healthy, enjoyable time at Palmer Gulch.
Let me just say, I don’t recall that they were keeping bathrooms clean and meticulous. I was at the restroom one day when one of the crews came in and they were there all of about 5 mins to take trash, and add TP, they did absolutely zero cleaning. They could have at least closed the bathrooms every few hours and give them a deep cleaning or rotated bathroom closures  like they did at Zion National Park.
I was not impressed at all with Palm Gulch’s bathrooms.
Now, outside of the above and at any other time Palmer Gulch would get a rave review from me for sure. It’s location alone to everything was spot on.
Our campsite was actually perfect, it was way back in the back up a hill and there was plenty of distance between us and the other two closer camp pad near us.
It was also away from most of the noise and hustle and bustle of the rest of the resort. So from that perspective we had a great spot, and as I mentioned in a earlier post, we had a great view of the Neowise comet throughout.

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