Tents & Shelters

We own multiple tents. Each of them have a particular use we wanted to address such as how many people they can accommodate, weather, or functionality. Our Alaknak tent which I reviewed below, was purchased because we intended to camp in weather in the low 30’s, where snow was a possibility. We also own a Magellan Outdoors Mission 8-Person Tunnel Tent which is my wife’s favorite, Kelty Discovery 2-Person Tent Bundle and my daughter uses a REI Co-op Groundbreaker 2 Tent when she feels the need to take a break from her studies at Texas A&M and get out to camp and hike. We also own a Kelty Blockhouse Privacy Shelter, that we use when we go camping and don’t have access to a shower, we have options of using a Nemo Helio LX Pressure Shower or our Joolca Hottap shower system with it. Then sometimes we go camping in places that simply doesn’t have any shade such as Alstrom Point in Utah, we take the Kelty Discovery Shade Shelter. I also owned a Megellan Outdoor Ponderosa 10 Person Family Cabin Tent, but gave it to a friend who I was trying to encourage to get outdoors, get some physical activity in his life and enjoy the great outdoors with is son.

All of these tents or shelters allows my wife, daughter(s) and I to get out anytime of year, season or location and enjoy our great outdoors.